Hackers Review

  • Developer: Trickster Arts
  • Size: 73M
  • Version: 1.208
Apr 23, 2020


Hackers is a popular strategy game that turns you into a professional hacker who can use the skills to protect the country. The game was created by Trickster Arts. It is available for free on Google Play Store. The game requires Android 4.1 system or higher and compatible with smartphones and tablets.

Concept 5/5

If you are looking for a game that will teach you how to hack computers, you came to the wrong place. Hackers is about the world suffering from the cyberwar where only the mighty hackers can protect their countries and save others. If you think it is interesting, imagine that you live in an alternate reality with software that makes hacking the easiest thing possible. It sends the code into Graphical User Interface so anyone can hack each other.

You start the game by performing simple hacks. You meet with the Marty character at the beginning. After some time, your skills evolve, and you receive access to factions. You will have to hack security systems, fight with terrorists and activists. Just don’t forget to improve your own security system.

There are over 70 different missions in the game. Each of them has its own plot and looks well-organized. There are no chaotic or random quests. Your results appear on the leaderboard. The better you play, the more points your country receives.

Visuals 4/5

Visuals are not the main attraction of Hackers. There are some vivid colors, especially to highlight the network of defensive and offensive nodes. There is no well-developed landscape in the background. The main field you play on is colored with different shades of grey or black colors. This design looks unique and stylish at the same time.

Nothing destructs you from your main tasks. The buttons on the screen are signed or perfectly explained with pictures. Everything looks atmospheric, reminding new of some secret network which only you can enter using your skills. However, unlike many similar mobile games, it lacks details.

Thrill 4/5

The amount of quests is limited to 70, which is more than enough for many hours in the game. After that, you can go back to the beginning and repeat everything with a better score or differently. Your main goal is to save your country from other hackers who are less friendly than you. So, there is a story plot behind it with two possible outcomes. You can either lose or win. Multiple tasks and new friends make the game more versatile. However, after you reach the final step, all the previous ones would be familiar to you.

Controls 5/5

Controls in Hackers are intuitive. The game is still challenging from time to time, however, it evolves together with your skills in it. If you want to reach the top of the leader board, you have to learn how to act quickly and think fast. You don’t have to be a professional player to learn the game controls. Hackers game is for everyone who is willing to try something new.

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