The Sims FreePlay

The Sims FreePlay Review

  • Developer: ELECTRONIC ARTS
  • Size: 34M
  • Version: 5.52.0
Apr 16, 2020


The Sims FreePlay is a spin-off installment in the famous real-life simulator game by Maxis and Electronic Arts. The authors of the original game created this title to let you enjoy your favorite game. The game offers an extensive set of simulations for you to try as well as the good old building mode in which you can create an apartment of your dream and expand the city. The game is available for iOS and Android, and the last Fire OS (discontinued).

Concept – 5/5

The Sims FreePlay is developed to let you experience the world of Sims for free anywhere you go. To start playing, you can create a unique character (or up to 34 virtual people at once). Besides, you can purchase or build a unique apartment for your virtual family.

Now that you’re ready to start, you can land on the map of one of the in-game cities and let the simulation begin. Similarly to the original game, here you can take full control over your sims or let them try to fulfill their needs independently. Both options provide you with a large field for experiments. You can find your sims a job, considering their propensities and character traits. If your choice is right, you will be able to make your sim a happier person and earn enough money to enhance the quality of life.

While playing, you can interact with NPC, visit various random events, and even organize your ones to have fun with your in-game friends. It’s an excellent opportunity to get achievements, establish new relationships, and exploring the city from within.

Visuals – 5/5

Since the initial release in 2011, the game has evolved a bit, so now it looks much fresher. If you want to achieve the best quality, you have to try the version for Android tablets and iPad OS. The camera works the same way as it does on your computer copy of The Sims so that you receive the same-looking gameplay experience on a smaller display. However, the interface is changed in order to overlay the game without messing up the experience.

Thrill – 4/5

It’s currently the most exciting mobile spin-off in the series as it lets you experience nearly the same number of random encounters and simulations as the mainline title. Of course, many features are cut, but the basics are implemented perfectly well. Something you may dislike is the need to wait for some actions to finish for up to 3 days. The only way to speed up the gameplay and unlock better items is to invest real money into Simcash. Not that it’s too expensive, but there’s no way to earn it by completing in-game tasks.

Controls – 4/5

The idea behind the layout of mobile controls in the game is similar to the original, but it’s simplified to let you navigate faster and interact without difficulties. Unfortunately, an option to connect a USB or a wireless controller isn’t presented, so you have to adjust to onscreen buttons to play.

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