Tips and Tricks on How to Play Fortnite

  • Akesh Partel
  • 28 Feb 2021
Tips and Tricks on How to Play Fortnite

Hello Fortnite players! I've played Fortnite since launch and have been able to reach to top 100 almost every season. I've learned a lot of things in the game and in this blog post, I'm going to share my tips to help you out in the game.
Although the game has been out for quite a long time, it is still very popular. This is because it has a different experience for players each time they play, as well as a unique crafting system. You can read on to learn more about the tips and tricks for the game to help you out in battle.

Tip 1: Do Damage

Always look for opportunities to do damage to the enemy team and to protect your own teammates. I think this is the most important tip in Fortnite. If there is not a good opportunity to do damage, then it is better to stay in safety, keep collecting resources, and build your fort.

Tip 2: Never stop moving

If you want to be a good player, you must master the movement and be able to run and gun. Always try to run around the map. You can't win the game if you just hide in one spot. Don't stay in one place and wait until you die. Use a rocket launch pad to travel around the map. Always try to get as many materials as you can. Don't stop moving!

Tip 3: Form a Great Team

Always look for teammates that are aggressive and good at doing damage to enemy team.  These kinds of teammates are the best because they will protect you and help you get kills.  They will also take care of your back!

Tip 4: Use Building as a Cover

Building is a good form of cover. If you are being fired at by other enemies, you can safely hide behind a structure and wait for them to move away. The structure will keep you safe from the gunfire of your enemy.

Tip 5: Find Loot

One of the most important parts of playing Fortnite is finding loot. Loot is items, weapons, and other things that you can use to survive. It is important to find loot because it can help you stay alive longer.

Tip 6: Use Traps to Help with Hunting

Traps can be helpful when hunting for other players. For example, you can place a trap at the top of a hill and wait for an enemy to approach. When they trigger the trap, you can ambush them as they try to escape.

Tip 7: Pay Attention to the Map

The map is an important part of Fortnite. It tells you the location of your enemies, supply drops, and more. You should pay attention to the map and use it to your advantage.

The map can also help you locate a supply drop. Supply drops can be helpful in a fight. For example, if you are out of ammunition or health, you can use a supply drop to get new items..

Tip 8: Use Jump Pads

While you can use a jump pad to jump to different locations, you can also use it as a weapon. If you are being shot at by an enemy, you can use the jump pad to jump up and down. This can cause the enemy to miss their shot.

Tip 9: Use Vehicles to Create a Distraction

You can use vehicles to create a distraction. For example, you can drive a vehicle in front of an enemy and then quickly get out. This can cause the enemy to chase the vehicle, allowing you to shoot at them from a distance.


As we can see, we can do a lot of things to improve our gameplay and have a good win rate. I hope I can help some of you to get a higher win rate and have more fun with the game! Feel free to leave your comments and questions below. I will do my best to answer them all.

Enjoy the game and glhf!