Meditation Apps Show Spike in Popularity in Covid-19 Era

  • Akesh Partel
  • 24 Sep 2020
Meditation Apps Show Spike in Popularity in Covid-19 Era

Meditation apps are enjoying huge popularity today, with the global Covid-19 pandemic scare being a major driver. As more of us end up trapped at home, feeling stressed and disconnected, the number of smartphone users who turn to meditation apps for help in coping with anxiety, frustration, and a sense of insecurity is larger than ever.

How is the meditation app market transforming?

Apps like Mindfulness, Headspace, Calm, and Insight Timer are no longer niche products oriented toward a limited audience with specific interests. The coronavirus outbreak has prompted an unseen surge in downloads of apps focused on mental wellness. Thus, the statistics show that there were 2M more downloads in April 2020 than in January of the same year.

On top of regularly adding new functionality to existing products, many app developers and studios are joining efforts with local governments to serve the growing demand with more precision.

Group meditation gives a sense of belonging.

Instead of sitting alone, focusing on their inner self, more and more meditation fans today are using such apps as a tool to stay connected to their like-minds. Participating in a group meditation session, if only virtual, offers a deep and satisfying sense of togetherness, which is crucial in a time when most of the traditional social bonds have been disrupted.

Why is it worth giving a try?

There are enough reasons to try meditation – from improving patience to boosting your creativity. However, one of the main benefits of using such apps amid the Covid-19 chaos is to feel that you belong to a bigger community of caring people who support and inspire you.

What is your go-to meditation app? Do you prefer solo or group sessions? How is your mental wellness app helping you to deal with today’s stresses? Share in the comments below.

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