Five Video Games to Increase Social Awareness

  • Warren Santos
  • 15 Oct 2020
Five Video Games to Increase Social Awareness
While often seen as kids’ toys and time-wasting activities, video games can be a source of socially important information. Moreover, they can teach young players essential skills such as the ability to solve problems, settle conflicts, learn from each other’s experiences, etc. Take a look at our list of five conscious games for PC, consoles, and mobile platforms that address crucial social issues of today’s world.

TOP-5 Socially Conscious Video Games to Watch

1.    This War of Mine 

This fascinating wartime sim game teaches you a variety of vital skills like how to survive in a war-struck city, scavenge for resources, resolve in-group conflicts, and make smart decisions that will keep you and your loved ones alive.

This War of Mine lets you look at a violent conflict from a new angle. Here, you are not a brutal spec ops guy but a regular civilian who is scared, stressed out, and exhausted but determined to do whatever it takes to survive a civil collapse.

this war of mine screenshot

2.    A Blind Legend

A Blind Legend is an audio-only adventure game where you play the part of the knight named Edward Blake, whose archenemy Thork took out the man’s eyes before kidnapping his wife. Accompanied by his daughter, the hero sets off on a dangerous journey to free his beloved woman.

The game offers an incredibly immersive experience, which can be equally fun for visually impaired and sighted people. Like other social awareness games, A Blind Legend helps better understand the challenges associated with blindness and develop collaborative work and intuition-driven decision-making skills. 

3.    GetWater!

GetWater! is a fun runner game with an important social message. The game is focused on helping the main character Maya on her non-stop quest to bring fresh water to areas where this invaluable resource is heavily limited.

Through the gripping gameplay, GetWater! explains the frustration and hardships faced by schoolgirls in India whose families have no access to clean water. While it looks like a collection of fun hurdles for players to overcome, you soon get to realize there is little fun in surviving like this for your whole life.

4.       WAY

In Way, two strangers build a personal connection and seek nonverbal understanding through solving a puzzle together. Not having a common language to fall back on, players are tasked with a shared objective that can only be achieved if the two find a way to get along and communicate.

5.    Night in the Woods

Despite its relaxed gameplay, Night in the Woods is a serious and thought-provoking game, which dwells on the topic of depression and anxiety. As Mae, a recent college dropout, struggles to find her place in the world and come to terms with her inner self, we get a peek into this complicated, insecure, yet relatable young adult.

night in the woods screenshots

Can Video Games Promote Social Good?

Playing video games is not only a fun pastime but also an activity that comes with multiple social and educational benefits. Have you ever tried the games above? Are there other games worth mentioning on this list? Let me know what you think in the comments below!