Granny Review

  • Developer: DVloper
  • Size: 100M
  • Version: 1.7.3
Feb 01, 2019


Granny is a survival horror game with thriller elements by DVloper. In 2019, it became one of the most frequently viewed horror-lets-play titles on YouTube and Twitch. In the game, you have to solve various puzzles and collect clues to escape the monstrous blind Granny’s house. If that sounds exciting, you can already download the game for your PC on Steam, on Google Play for Android, and the App Store for iOS.

Concept – 5/5

In this 1st person horror, you play as an unknown character who gets trapped in an old Granny’s house. You aim to escape the house in less than six days to survive. For that, you have to explore the house to find instruments and clues to prepare for escape. However, the mission is not that easy because the Granny tries to catch you and roams around the house to find you. She cannot see, but her hearing capabilities are perfect, so be ready to hear any rustling and run towards the sound source as fast as possible. Her speed depends on the difficulty level, so choose the one that lets you progress. Also, your character suffers from limp that gets harder day by day and leaves him no chances to escape if you solve the puzzles too slowly. The plot of the game and motives of Granny is not quite clear, but we can assume that there’s something wrong with her and her granddaughter Slendrina as they may appear together in one of the endings.

Visuals – 4/5

Both mobile and PC versions of the game are rendered by the Unity engine. However, the quality is much better on the computer as it has better hardware capabilities. If you are concerned about high-quality lighting and need a higher resolution of textures, choose the Steam version. The mobile game offers the same gameplay but looks a bit simpler as it doesn’t support such rendering quality. The overall style of visuals excellently matches the genre and makes you feel rather claustrophobic.

Thrill – 4/5

Granny has a burdening atmosphere and makes you feel like a cornered animal. The game will definitely scare you many times until you figure out how to solve everything properly. When you finally learn all the algorithms, it loses the ability to scare you as you already know all the triggers. Still, you can try to play in the Nightmare mode in which you don’t have chances to escape if you do something wrong. It’s so frustrating to lose as you have to start the game over again to try a new approach!

Controls – 5/5

Both mobile and PC versions of the game involve simple controls that are similar to all first-person games. One hand is always responsible for moving, while the second (mouse or the right part of the screen) lets you operate objects and solve the puzzles. You always have to be on the move, and it’s not difficult at all to keep walking.

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