Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor Review

  • Developer: tinyBuild
  • Size: 34M
  • Version: 1.0
Jan 23, 2019


Hello Neighbor is a mix of horror, survival, and adventure genres where you play a boy who breaks into his neighbor’s house. Boy suspects his neighbor in keeping someone locked in the basements. Now he has to uncover all the hidden secrets of the house. The game is available on the Android mobile platform on Google Play Store.

Concept 5/5

Hello Neighbor has a unique and intriguing plot that offers you to reveal secrets you couldn’t have possibly guessed. The house across the street looks so normal and peaceful you may think that the main character Nicky has paranoia. This is probably what his family thinks when the boy warns them about their Neighbor. So, one day Nicky decided to break into the house. This is how the game begins.

You play Nicky and see everything from the first-person perspective. You have to find a stone and throw it into the window, quickly get into the house and be ready to get caught by smart AI. It is almost impossible to walk around. However, you have to explore the house, find the keys to the locks on the basement. There are numerous puzzles. Some of them may seem illogical.

The game is divided into 3 acts. The first act is always called a free demo version. It starts with you breaking into the house and ends when the Neighbor catches you in the basement. The second act reveals numerous secrets of the Neighbor and his family. In the third, you play the grown-up Nicky, who can finally realize what has happened with him many years ago.

Visuals 4/5

Hello Neighbor game was originally created for PC platforms. Multiple critics and players claim that the PC version is brighter and better developed than its Android version, which is probably true. Although there may be some flaws in the graphics of the mobile version, it is still bright enough and attractive that players will definitely appreciate it. The house looks lovely and adorable, and you want to explore it. There are numerous interesting objects inside that will attract your attention. However, there is a lack of small details that can be crucial to make the whole scenery atmospheric and even realistic, considering that Hello Neighbor is a horror game.

Thrill 4/5

Hello Neighbor game does not have high replay value mainly because it has one linear story that excites you and amazes you by revealing its secrets step by step. Once you hear the whole story, the freshness may be lost. You already know what to expect from this game, from Neighbor. You can try to go different ways, use another approach. With more practice, you will be able to act faster and with better results.

Controls 4/5

Hello Neighbor controls are easy to learn. They are standard, and if you have played in other mobile games before, you will learn everything in several minutes. However, there may be a minor problem with looking around you, as the game freezes from time to time when the Neighbor is searching for you. There are minor problems with staying still while taking the objects in the house, as you disposition yourself.

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