Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams Review

  • Developer: Microsoft Corporation
  • Size: Varies with device
  • Version: 1416/
Jun 25, 2020


Microsoft Teams is an application that allows users to hold video conferences. Commonly, Microsoft Teams is named as simply Teams. Like any video conference application, Teams had a large increase in users during Covid-19 epidemy. Microsoft announced the launch of the platform in March 2017 during the event in New York. The interesting fact is that the software was created during the hackathon, but now it is available on several platforms and was translated into 26 languages.

Functionality 5/5

Microsoft Teams is an enterprise platform that combines chat, meetings, notes, and attachments in the workspace. Microsoft Teams is part of the Office 365 suite and distributed through a corporate subscription. In addition to Office 365, it is also integrated with Skype, and there is the opportunity to integrate the platform with third-party applications. In short, Microsoft Teams can solve a set of different problems, including:

  • Teamwork: the platform is integrated with Office 365 and makes it easy to conduct video conferencing to discuss tasks, collaborate on editing and viewing documents, working and planning further workgroup activities;
  • Employee mobility: Microsoft Office365 solution helps employees work efficiently on the road with e-mail, calendars, and data without an Internet connection (files and letters automatically synchronized upon repeated connection);
  • Corporate security: Microsoft Office365, of which Microsoft Teams is a component, provides security management policies throughout the company, helping reduce the risk of data leaks. Fresh application updates are installed automatically. The built-in encryption and access rights management function helps avoid threats to confidential data in case of loss of user devices and when trying to transfer important data outside the company.

Usability 5/5

Microsoft Teams has an intuitive and simple navigation system. If you have ever worked with Skype, Zoom, or other video conference applications, you will quickly figure out how to use Microsoft Teams. Despite the fact that the platform has many features and integrations, the developers could make it simple and intuitively understandable for all users.

Interface 5/5

The platform has an intuitive interface. By default, it uses light colors on the background and violet to highlight the most important signs for navigation inside the application, like icons or menu tabs. All conversations are synchronized and have a pretty look.

Platforms 5/5

Microsft Teams is available on several platforms: Linux, Microsoft Windows, Android, iOS, and macOS. All your personal information will be instantly synchronized across the devices once you log in into account.


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