Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Review

  • Developer: Rockstar Games
  • Size: 15M
  • Version: 2.00
Jun 28, 2020


Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, or simply GTA: San Andreas, is the seventh entry in the popular GTA game series. This release is the follow-up to the Vice City release that was released in 2002. San Andreas was developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games in October 2004. Today, the game is available on the number of platforms: PlayStation 2 Microsoft Windows, Xbox, Mac OS X, iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Fire OS, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.

Concept 5/5

The game takes place in 1992, in the vicinity of the state of San Andreas. The player controls the main character, Carl Johnson, nicknamed CJ, an African American at the age of about 25. Players can run, jump, or drive a car. CJ returned to Los Santos after five years of living in Liberty City. He left Los Santos in 1987 due to the death of his younger brother Brian, in which his older brother Sean Johnson nicknamed SWEAT, blamed him. He came to town for the funeral of his mother, Beverly Johnson. She was killed by the enemies of the SWEAT during a drive bye.

In San Andreas, he will find a huge number of events, deception, as well as unanswered questions. Subsequently, the protagonist has to re-capture all enemy areas. Officer Tenpenny is arrested and tried, but for the lack of evidence (which he got rid of with the help of Carl), they are acquitted. This is causing riots in Los Santos. By the way, the game has a large number of historical references to real events, such as a mess in Los Angeles. In the final part of the plot, CJ kills Big Smoke and, finally, the main antagonist of the game - Officer Tenpenny. Caesar Vialpando, with the assistance of Carl, who returned the original territory to his gang, makes an offer to Kendl. CJ continues to seize territory so that Ballas and Los Santos Vagos gangs completely disappear.

Visuals 5/5

The game has incredibly realistic graphics. During the review, we noticed that it was improved compared to the previous releases. There are three main cities that were drawn from the real American cities, as such, imitating their landscapes and some of the sightseeings. Moreover, the developers added new vehicles and expanded the customization options, allowing players to change the protagonist's appearance.

Thrill 5/5

Despite the fact that the game has linear gameplay, the practice shows that GTA: San Andreas is still one of the most popular games in the world. Players tend to return to the game even after they passed all missions several times.  In addition, GTA: San Andreas has a multiplayer mode.

Controls 5/5

The commands are easy to remember and repeat those controls used in the Vice City release. However, there are also new commands that were added for managing new vehicles, such as bicycles. The game has detailed instructions on how to play inside. Therefore, we are sure that you will not face difficulties.

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