Fortnite Review

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Jun 24, 2020


Fortnite is survival, battle royale, and sandbox video game that was developed by Epic Games. It was published by both Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Epic Games. Fortnite was released in July 2017 for several platforms: Microsoft Windows, macOS, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, iOS, and Android. Although the game has three different modes, the Battle Royale is the most successful among them. It was recognized as the cultural phenomenon that gained more than 125 players in less than one year.

Concept 5/5

Fortnite is a cooperative survival sandbox game. The main mechanics are exploration, resource gathering, building fortified buildings, and fighting against zombie waves. Players can co-operate to collect items that they can use to build the fort during the day and defend themselves against zombies at night. Construction is the main mechanics in the game. There are three game modes:

  • Save the World: in this mode, players cooperate against the environment. The events happened on the Earth after the storm that killed about 98% of all population;
  • Battle Royale: it is the most successful mode of all Fortnite game. 100 players are landed on the island where they need to survive. For this, you can gather the resources, built the defendant buildings, and kill other players before they kill you;
  • Creative: this sandbox game is very similar to Minecraft Creative. Users can build whatever they want, there are no enemies or dangerous environment with zombies.

Visuals 5/5

Fortnite has very realistic graphics with natural landscapes. There are a lot of animations, special effects. All colors are bright and saturated. If you experience some problems with textures and graphics quality, you can adjust it in the settings:

  • Open the main menu by clicking on the icon in the upper right corner of the screen;
  • Select Options
  • Open the graphics options;
  • Set a lower value for the “Frame rate limit” parameter (for example, select “60 frames / s” instead of “Unlimited”);
  • Save the changes to the settings;
  • Start a new game at Fortnite.

Thrill 5/5

In fact, Fortnite has high replay value. It is because of the next several reasons: multiplayer mode, several regimes, and high-quality graphics. Playing this game, you can be sure that you will lose time. Battle Royale is the most addictive mode.

Controls 5/5

Fortnite has very easy to remember and intuitive commands. If you have ever played battle royale games, then, you will quickly figure out how to play this game. The commands are very similar. Fortnite has detailed instructions on how to play the game and which commands use. Also, you can browse the commands on the Internet. The controls depend on what platform you use for playing.

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