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  • Size: 37M
  • Version: 2.11.1
Feb 05, 2020

Screenshots is a massively multiplayer 2D online game by a solo indie developer, Matheus Valadares and Miniclip. In the game, you control bacteria that moves within a Petry dish. Your mission is to grow your bacteria as large as possible by eating smaller ones and consuming agar that scientists use as feeding material for bacteria. It’s an exciting simulator of bacteria’s life that’s easy to play and surprisingly addictive. is the first game in the IO subgenre that is popular amongst other browsers and mobile games today. You can play without installation from any browser, iOS, and Android devices for free.

Concept – 5/5

The idea behind the game is elementary. There are large MMO arenas that have no borders and lets hundreds of players enter the fight anytime. It means that you always open the battle when someone is already large and deadly. Nevertheless, it’s possible to progress anyway. For this, you have to move your cell quickly and strategically to avoid collisions. When it gets substantial enough, you can make it to split and control several smaller cells in order to consume more food or escape from a larger cell.

Although the game is endless and unstoppable, you can progress and even top leaderboards if you’re tough enough to get the highest number of points within the current 24-hour day. If you manage to do so, everyone who enters the game will see your high score and unique avatar design.

Visuals – 5/5

Similar to other io games, has simple 2D graphics with a monochrome (white) background. However, the cells are always entirely different. You are also free to come up with your cell design variants to achieve a unique look. It’s a cool way to show up in the leaderboards if you get one of the highest scores. If you’re not excited by creating arts, you can purchase ready-made solutions via the in-game store.

Thrill – 5/5

Despite such a simple concept, the game can easily conquer your attention for hours or become your favorite time killer. The competition is severe, and it’s just impossible to quit the game without getting at least a minor satisfactory result. The cell editing feature lets you have fun trolling other players with funny jokes written on your cell. For example, you can select a British flag and start colonizing the battlefield or spread democracy under the US coat of arms.

Controls – 5/5

Depending on a platform you choose to play, offers you to use the arrow keys on your computer’s keyboard, or try to make your way with a mouse. The iOS and Android versions let you control the sell-by swiping your thumb on the left part of the screen, and use split and rush buttons on the right to perform actions. Both versions offer the same responsiveness so that you have the same chances against PC players.

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